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BaronSat shopping page for Lego Building instructions custom moc models. You can buy building instructions for my Lego moc on the following topics:
Castles to enlarge your village, Antiquity or Pirates with fortresses, vehicles like Muscle Car or Micro version of famous cars, military like ww2 or modern war but also Star Wars and Star Trek with dioramas and spaceships, DC with Batmobiles and dioramas, Marvel, GI Joe with playsets, mechas from Macross / Robotech universe, Ghostbusters with HQ and Marshmallow Man, Forbidden Planet with Robby the robot, Six Million Dollar Man and Brickheadz from Movies or video games.
All my moc instructions from 5€ to 59 €, are delivered as step by step pdf with partslists / inventory (including the BSX one for Bricklink) and sent via download link by WeTransfer or Swisstransfer to your Paypal email address.

Lego-star-wars-building-instructions-custom-models-moc Lego-star-trek-building-instructions-custom-models-moc Lego-building-instructions-castle-fantasy-custom-models Lego-building-instructions-pirates-ancients-custom-models

Star Wars moc Building Instructions

Star Trek moc Building Instructions

Castle & Fantasy moc Building Instructions

Pirates moc Building Instructions

d-day specail pack of 8 moc instructions lego Lego-building-instructions-gi-joe-custom-models-moc Lego-building-instructions-robotech-macross-custom-models Brickheadz-Moc-lego-Instructions

Military WW2 moc Building Instructions

GI Joe & Modern War moc Building Instructions

Macross & Anime moc Building Instructions

Brickheadz Universe moc Building Instructions

Steam Era building instructions custom moc Lego city modular building instructions custom lego moc models Lego-SMDM-bionic-building-instructions-moc-custom-models Lego-building-instructions-scifi-custom-models

Steam Era moc Building instructions

City moc Building Instructions

Bionic Heroes moc Building Instructions

Science Fiction moc Building Instructions

Lego-marvel-building-instructions-custom-models-moc Lego-building-instructions-batman-dc-custom-models-moc Lego-building-instructions-pirates-ancients-custom-models Lego-Chevy-Muscle-Car-building-instructions-moc-custom-models

Marvel moc Building Instructions

Batman & DC moc Building Instructions

Ancients Civilizations moc Building Instructions

Muscle Cars moc Building Instructions


Lego moc Free Grogu instructions Lego Boba Fett Free instructions free-building-instructions-lego-power-droid
free-building-instructions-dagobah-star-wars FREE Lego Pirates MOC Saber Island Building Instructions free-building-instructions-watchtower-custom-model Free Lego moc military building instructions
Lego moc Cat Brick Figure free-building-instructions-green-goblin-custom-model Lego moc Batman Miniland Figure Free  


free-building-instructions-starwars-custom-model free-building-instructions-power-droid-custom-model free-building-instructions-rebel-transport-custom-model free-building-instructions-batman-custom-model free-building-instructions-green-goblin-custom-model