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May 17 th 2023 :
BaronSat Shop for moc building instructions & custom models. All my instructions, for sale, are delivered as step by step pdf with partslists / inventory, including a PDF and the BSX one for Bricklink.

Revisited Lagoon Lock Up Instructions a Lego moc model .

Buy building instructions in my MOC shop- Achetez des notices de montage dans mon shop.

Lego moc Aliens Cheyenne Dropship Instructions Lego moc Aliens APC Building Instructions lego TNG Type 6 Shuttle building instructions moc

Aliens Cheyenne Dropship Lego moc custom model building instructions.
55 Euros

Aliens APC M577 Lego moc custom model building instructions.
20 Euros

Star Trek The Next Generation Type 6 Shuttlecraft moc building instructions.
15 Euros

Lego Star wars Tatooine Skiff moc building instructions Lego small swat armored vehicle Instructions sample

Star Wars Lego Moc Desert Ship Custom Model building instructions PDF.

Swat Armored Truck (small version) Lego moc custom model building instructions.

Castle & Fantasy Lego moc Shelter for the Forest men model building instructions PDF.

lego-macross-valkyrie-VF-1S-building-instructions-moc-pdf lego building instructions blacksmith forge custom model moc Lego Dodge Charger 1970 building instructions pdf moc

Robotech Macross VF-1S MOC custom building instructions PDF.

Lego moc Blacksmith Forge & House custom model building instructions.

8 studs wide Dodge Charger MOC custom building instructions PDF.

Lego moc ww2 cannon bunker lego-gi-joe-hq-building-instructions-moc-pdf lego transportation star trek tos custom instructions

Lego moc WW2 German Cannon Bunker building instructions PDF.

Gi Joe Headquarters MOC custom building instructions PDF.

Star Trek Diplomatic Shuttle Lego moc custom building instructions PDF.

Lego-moc-ESB-Hoth-Turret-Defense-model Lego moc new york building instructions model Lego-MOTU-Brickheadz-moc-instructions

Lego moc Hoth Turret & Radar Cannon custom building instructions PDF.

New York street Lego custom MOC building instructions PDF.

Brickheadz Master of the Universe Lego MOC building instructions PDF.

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Commissioned moc models for sale. Serious Lego collectors, can contact me for a price quote.
Modèle sur commande, collectionneurs avisés, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.


Lego moc Two Face Truck Custom Model Building Instructions

April 2023
Two-face armored truck Lego Moc model building instructions.

Ulysses 31 Anime Tri Part Lego moc model

April 2023
Anime Version Ulysses 31 Tri Part shuttle Lego Moc model.

Ulysse 31 Lego moc model 2023

April 2023
Anime Version Ulysses 31 Tri Part shuttle Lego Moc model building instructions.

Lego moc steampunk Horse

April 2023
Steampunk: Automatic Equipments Lego moc Custom Models. Various machines, war horses, fire fighting vehicle, automatic soldier moved by steam power.

March 2023
Adventurers Redux : Trucks, cars and plane for more Johnny Thunder adventures with Lego Moc Custom models.

February 2023
STAR WARS UNIVERSE: Various Landspeeders from Star Wars universe. Lego Moc Custom models.

LV-426 Hadley's Hope Lego moc model.

January 2023
SCI-FI ALIENS: Human base on LV-426 Hadley's Hope, a Lego moc custom model.

Mesoamerica adventures lego moc temple & statues models

December 2022
Ancients Civilisations Adventures: Mesoamerican Temple & Statues Lego moc custom models.

Halloween Frankenstein's monster Lego moc custom Brickheadz model

October 2022 Halloween : Frankenstein's monster Lego moc custom Brickheadz model.

1900s steampunk tank lego moc instructions

September 2022 : Steampunk : 19th century, steam armored tank vehicle Lego moc custom models building instructions.

Lego moc 6054 Forestmen's Hideout instructions 40567

July 2022: Castle & Fantasy : Lego moc Shelter for the Forest men building instructions are availalble in my shop.

lego moc Miroir d'Eau instructions

May 2022: Architecture / City: Lego moc Miroir d'Eau de Bordeaux building instructions for micro scale custom model.

May 2022: Capitaine Flam Cosmolem / Captain Future Cosmoliner Lego Moc Custom Model photos added to my gallery. Building Instructions are in my shop.

Lego Star wars Mandalorian & Boba moc models

April 2 2022: ROBOCOP & ED-209 Brickheadz figures Lego Moc Custom models. In the near future, Alex Murphy is re-created as a cyborg and confront ED-209, a law enforcement machine created by Omni Consumer Products OCP. Here are my Brickheadz version of these characters in Lego bricks.

Lego moc Batman Miniland Figure Free


Batman DC : June 2021 Back on my website, the Lego moc Free Building Instructions for Custom Dark Knight brick figure.

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