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Oops I broke a xenomorph

September 2023 Aliens
Oops I broke a xenomorph. Alien Queen Vs Power Loader Lego moc models in my gallery.

May 2023 Classic Pirates:
Forbidden Island 6270 a Lego moc redux model.

D-Day Diorama lego moc building instructions lego moc

June 2023 WW2 :
D-Day Diorama Lego moc, building instructions are available in my shop.

Aliens LV-426 Hadley's Hope building instructions lego moc

May 2023 Science fiction :
Aliens LV-426 Hadley's Hope Lego moc, building instructions are available in my shop.

May 2023 Pirates
Pirates: Revisited Lagoon Lock Up Instructions a Lego moc model.

Ulysses 31 Anime Tri Part Lego moc model

April 2023 Anime:
Ulysses 31 Tri Part shuttle Anime Version Lego Moc model.

Lego moc Two Face Truck Custom Model Building Instructions

April 2023 Batman
Two-face armored truck Lego Moc model building instructions.

Lego moc steampunk Horse

April 2023 Steampunk:
Automatic Equipments Lego moc Custom Models. Various machines, war horses, fire fighting vehicle, automatic soldier moved by steam power.

Adventurers Biplane Redux Lego moc

March 2023 Adventurers Redux :
Trucks, cars and plane for more Johnny Thunder adventures with Lego Moc Custom models.

Star Wars Landspeeder lego moc

Various Landspeeders from Star Wars universe. Lego Moc Custom models..

LV-426 Hadley's Hope Lego moc model.

January 2023
SCI-FI ALIENS: Human base on LV-426 Hadley's Hope, a Lego moc custom model.