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Lego moc Star Wars Cantina Prototype Banner

Mos Eisley Creature Cantina in Kenner style, a Lego Moc Custom model at miniland scale.

Lego moc Star Wars Cantina Prototype

My model is based on the Kenner Star Wars Cantina Cafe playset that appeared in the Kenner catalogue in 1978, as you can see on the photo on the right. You probably know the kenner toy and wonder why I choose the prototype? That's because I think it's much cooler and even cooler than the Palitoy version. It's not accurate to the movie, much more the way people imagine future in the 70's. Concerning the scale, I decided to make miniland / moodscale figures, instead of using minfigs for more freedom and because I suck at customizing minifigures. By the way I ended with a bigger model which pleased me and isn't it the reason why we all build? Of course I build too many of these figures and couldn't put all of them in the cantina , you can see them in the last photo.

Kenner Cantina Toy Prototype
Lego moc Star Wars Cantina Prototype Moodscale Figures