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Z-Knight Robot Inspired by Zoid, a Lego moc Custom Model. A model from 2007 build with Classic Gray colors and Blacktron parts..

Here's the Z-Knight, it was inspired by a Tomy's toy. This brand is well known, here in France, for the Zoïds. Height: 7.5" - Weight: 250 g - Crew: 1 Armament: one rotating submachine gun turret, two rocket launchers, one flamme-thrower and a small laser located on the chest. Completed by two fearsomes blades made of ©Legonium placed on the forearms. This war machine is a compromise beetween size and destructive potential.

Voici le Z-Knight, il m'a été inspiré par un jouet de la marque Tomy, dont on connait bien les fameux Zoïds. Taille: 19 cm - Poids: 250 g - Equipage: 1 Armement: une tourelle mitrailleuse, deux lance roquettes couplés, un lance-flammes et un petit laser se trouvant sur la poitrine. Sans oublier les deux redoutables lames en ©Legonium montées sur les avant bras. Voici donc un bon compromis de taille et de puissance de feu .

lego moc zoids z-knight front lego moc zoids z-knight back lego moc zoids z-knight cockpit lego moc zoids z-knight cockpit open
lego moc zoids z-knight side lego moc zoids z-knight Top lego moc zoids z-knight pilot seat lego moc zoids z-knight pilot